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Like always the #thunderbuddies have stimulating conversations. So the big question of the day was who do we ship more, Luhan & Sehun OR Luhan & Xiumin. I am all for HunHan and @ashleyemmert is all for Xiuhan. May the best Bromance win!!!!
So of course both of them are totally adorable. They were in EXO-M together so they built a great realationship. @ashleyemmert says that she is the authority on this Bromance, her words about the above pictures "if you keep touching me in public then everyone will found out about our snuggle parties" I will pass on the snuggle party.
I am totally baised about these two. But I honestly think that Sehun and Luhan look better together. Luhan is oldest, Sehun the youngest. What I like about them is they match often. Hair color, facial expressions, necks. Yes I said necks, they both have long necks!!!
1. Aww cute he likes his lips!! 2. I watched this, this was a punishment for the losing team. Xiumin looks like he is having fun. Sehun in the back looks devastated (not really) 3. The over the head heart.
1. The infamous heart. 2. They are laughing hysterically with each other. 3. Luhan picking up Sehun.

Same event

1. Xiumin getting back hugged-lifted. 2. Sehun getting back hugged

Same Event

1. Sehun being tickled (his "tantrum" is cute) 2. Xiumin stretching with Luhan (looks like business)

New Entry

Introducing XIUHUN They seem to be enjoying each other. So who do you choose?
Because I'm totally biased tagging my Thunder Squad: @khrystinalee @ashleyemmert @jessicaacosta90 @jaiipanda @isolate @EliseB @DianaBell My little people @josalynnstyles @leab259
Personally I would choose.... Xiuhan!!!
@jessicaacosta90 lol not cool. do it! choose one lol
Definitely hunhan
It's always been HunHan for me, but I sometimes see XiuHan working out 馃槩馃槩
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