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You say that my love for you will eventually fade away that over time I will forget about you that sooner or later my wounds will heal that one day I will learn to let go of you and love someone else, but you are wrong because my love will never fade away my love will forever be strong, I will never forget you and all the time that we had together all the memories good and bad all the tears and all the laughter we've been through, my wounds may heal but the scars will forever stay, no matter how much time fades away I will always love you and I believe that we will be together once again for even a hourglass has its end but can easily be flipped over to start a new beginning
tis is true somewhat unless you just break the hourglass and let the wind carry it away
You can but over time that you spend with that person a new beginning will start
I totally get this feeling, but also I don't. haha I think that people can change and you can easily lose feeling for someone else.