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The concert was especially meaningful as it included a fanmeeting, making up for the previous year in which Lee Min Ho didn′t get to meet his fans due to his shoots for Faith. In the press conference held before the concert, Lee Min Ho said, "I should′ve met [with my fans] sooner, but I wasn′t able to because I was busy shooting the drama Faith. I′m looking forward to meeting my fans for the first time in a while. I want to show how happy I am through my performances." Lee Min Ho has especially been working hard for his fans, even releasing his own album My Everything. The album was produced to help Lee Min Ho and his fans share precious times together and repay fans for their love toward the actor. The actor performed tracks from My Everything for the first time at the concert this day. He started off with My Everything, then went on to sing You & I, Love Motion and Pieces of Love, at times driving fans into a frenzy and at others getting them to cry along to his voice. A live band accompanied him, helping the actor′s vocals shine like a real singer′s. Many fan events then took place outside of the splendid performances under the lead of comedian Byun Ki Soo. One fan, from Gangwon-do, was chosen to go onstage for a photo with Lee Min Ho himself. "I′ve been a fan of Mr. Lee Min Ho since Boys Over Flowers. I was here for his last fanmeeting, and I′m so happy I′ll get to take a picture with him. I hope to see more good feats from you," she said. 4,000 fans from around the world gathered this day for the concert. Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment ----------------------------------------------------------- I congratulate all those Minoz who had watched his first concert ever in Seoul! You're very lucky!^^ And thank you for sharing photos and vids with us.:D
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