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"Mom! Im leaving to go to YeonHee's place!! Wish me luck!!" ____ shouts before she walks out of the house with a huge grin plastered on her face. Not caring about the wried glances people sent her way she looked at the address her mom had given her. 'YeonHee here i come!!' YeonHee layed down on her bed remembering the events of the night before: ~flashback~ "Min hwan!!" She calls gaining her boyfriend's attention. His face brightened up at the sight of her sending her in a fangirl mode. "What took you so long?" He mummers into her hair gracefully pulling her in by grabbing her waist softly buzzing her neck. Her face went ablaze! "I had to cook for Exo, sorry" she squeaked. He slowly pulled away looking at her face lovingly. "Are they slave driving you? I don't mind teaching some celebrities a lesson" he says determined making her heart ache. "No, its the only way i can pay back my mom" she saying smiling. "So why did you want o see me so urgently?" She asks referring to the message she had received earlier that day when Exo had left to buy the items. "I wanted to give you something" he pulls out a necklace with a a world pendent. She gasped at its beauty. "Omg! Its beautiful!!" She turns around as he moves her hair sliding on the necklace. "Thank you i love it!" She squealed pecking his cheek. "I want everyone to know that your my world" he mummers bringing her in for a longer lingering kiss. ~end of flashback~ She stared at the pendent her face burning, god this made her day. Curling up against her pillows she lets out a bunch of screams and squeals of happiness. Just then her phones buzzed as she read a text from Chanyeol: To: Red From: Chan Come over now, need some cleaning to be done. Frowning she got up and and went downstairs. "Where are you going?" Her mother asks "to clean Exo's hose" "YEONHEE!" She screams earning a flinch from the girl. "What?" "What did i tell you! You cant say their name out loud in public!" She reminds her daugher who nods and walks out to her job. ~back with ____~ The poor girl was walking in circles and she didn't know it. Every Time she asked a pedestrian they would shrug and merely walk off leaving her to sigh and continue walking in circles. "Where are you YeonHee" she mummers walking into a mew neighbourhood. A particular house caught her eye. It was big and beautiful. Making a mental note that she will live there when she got married she looked at the houses and landed on one. The one beside her dream house looked exactly like YeonHee's house she remembered!! Skipping towards the house she knocks on the door. YeonHee's mother opens the door, her mouth dropping. "_-_____?" She asks receiving an enthusiastic nod from her "hi auntie!" She says as she hugs her. When they let go she peers into the girls face. "Your all grown up! Look at you! You've grown up to be a beautiful woman!" She gushes playing with her cheeks. "Auntie, where is YeonHee? I cant wait to see her!" She begs desperately wanting to see her childhood friend. "Im going to send her a massage, meanwhile come in! Take a seat!" To: 23 year old daughter From: your mother Come home, there is someone you have to meet. YeonHee was in the middle o sweeping the floor when she received the text. "Incheon girl! No slacking off!" Chanyeol calls from the couch observing her from the corner of his eyes. To: mother From: daughter I cant, right now I'm in the middle of work. Her mother sighs reading the text. Mentally cursing at her daughter. ____ drank the tea, YeonHee's mother had gave her. "Say...____..do you know Exo?" She casually asks, if she replied no she could send her next door to see her daughter. "Why does everyone keep asking me that? No, Auntie i don't..should i search them up?" She asks confused. "No! There...a cult.. Yea, its good you don't know them honey. Anyway, YeonHee is working as a maid for the people living next door" "A maid? Are they rich?" She asks, she wanted to laugh at the thought of er friend in a maid costume. "Yes, they are only staying for a couple of months and since there all guys, they need someone to take care of them...and sine YeonHee is living under my roof for free he is doing this job" ____ cringes, she could have sworn her mother and YeonHee's mother were sisters in another life. "Oh....so i cant see her?" She asks sadly "no! You can! Thy live next door." She says leading her to the door. "Thanks auntie!" ___ skips to the house next door taking in the beautiful house up close. She walked up the steps and knocked on the door very lightly. Praying she its YeonHee who opens the door. "Incheon girl! The door!! Get the door!!" Baekhyun says kicking Sehun in the face as they fought in Mario cart. "Hyung that's cheating!!" Sehun says banging his controller on Baekhyun's thighs "Ow!! Channie!! Sehun is hurting me!!!" Giggling at there childishness, YeonHee walks to the door and opens it. There stood ____ smiling wide. "Hey, Red" at this YeonHee dropped her broom. "____!!!!!" She grabs on to the girl for her dear life, literally squeezing the life out of her. She felt herself tear up as she hugs back savouring the moment. "When did you come back! Why didn't u call me? How was it abroad! Did you miss me? Any guys? Tell me everything!" YeonHee rushes pulling her inside and closing the door. "I have the same questions for you! How is it b being a maid?" She wiggles her eyebrows sending YeonHee into a fit of giggles. The girls stood in the doorway, so wrapped up in each others presence they didn't notice the audience that was watching them. "Oh! Its the supermarket girl!!" Baekhyun saying pointing at her, gaining the girls attention. "Oh! Its you?!" She says her eyes widening. Chanyeol could t believe his eyes, the girl he couldn't stop thinking about was in their house! Kai and Suho just stared at the girl, what a beauty she was. "Oh guys this is _____ ______ and this is e- i mean the guys i work for" she says sweat dropping. "Im kai" "Suho" "Sehun, Yehet!" "Baekhyun!!!!!" "Im D.O" and the last one to introduce himself was "im Chanyeol, Chan for short" he says. "So, you guys know each other?" Baekhyun asks grabbing the girls wrist and pulling her into the living room followed by the rest. D.O's eyes nearly popes out of his head as he glared at Baekhyun's hand. "Yea, YeonHee an i were childhood friends!!" She exclaims sitting next to YeonHee on the couch. "What? Since when?" Chanyeol asks not remembering the girl at all. "I came to seoul for two years of elementary school, i think we were in grade 6?" She looks at YeonHee, who nods in agreement. "Yea, we became friends when she stood upon for me" YeonHee says hugging ___. "How?" Sehun asks engaged with the conservation. "Because i blushed a lot, i was being picked in and ____ stood up or me!" She smiles. ___ blushes under the intense stare of the guys. "Oh! We have your umbrella!" Baekhyun says jumping up to retrieve her umbrella she had lend them. "The umbrella i gave you?" YeonHee asks, she knew that umbrella looked familiar. "Yea, we went to her shop" D.O explains smiling ever so slightly as the girl stares at his heart shaped lips. "Yea, i gave it to them when it was raining" she said "i remember i gave it to so the day you left, the day you left it was raining remember" YeonHee sighs remembering the past. Baekhyun returns with the umbrella handing it to the girl. "Thanks for taking care of it" she says smiling warmly at Baekhyun, he froze on the spot feeling a weird tingling sensation surge throughout his body. As soon as he recovered he sat down. "So i hear from your nom, you a maid for these guys?" ____ said chuckling. "So tell me about that" _____________________________________ Hope you enjoyed! Now u have a question to the reader, who do you want to fall for the main girl? Options: Chanyeol D.O Baekhyun Sehun Suho Kai I was aiming for a love triangle or love square. Tags: @tiffany1922