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still T______T look at how Hee Jin felt uneasy in the car, while in the same time (another era), Boong Do is getting shot... Is this what we called "ONE SOUL IN TWO BODY???" They complete each other... The writer-nim surely knows how to make my emotion ups and down. ~~~~ here is written preview from http://redpinkboxes.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/queen-inhyuns-man-written-preview-ep-14/ The guards knocks on Boongdo’s door, saying that they have been ordered to arrest Kim Boong Do. Yoon Wol asks BD what they should do… Boong Do asks YW to let them open the door and let the guards in. KBD is taken away by the guards, and Sukjong orders to Boongdo to be killed. After a few arrows were shot towards BD, he didn’t die. As a result, Sukjong orders to BD to be killed by burning him alive. YW slipped the talisman into BD’s chest right before he was meant to be burnt to death. At the moment where he was about to die, KBD was transported back to 2012. He was leaning by an ambulance. KBD then thinks back to the time where he saw the ambulance(i mentioned in my recap). He then collapsed by the ambulance, and got rushed into the hospital. At the same time, Heejin who knew according to history that KBD was “dead”, was hurt and in pain, and was rushed into the hospital as well. ~~~~
the live recap is nowhere to find because noone could watch it for free anymore T__T
why no Episode 14 live recap ?