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The time when I worked out arms very often and I had impressive biceps! Gotta get on that again. I loved all the muscles I had. :-)

Who has an impressive muscle pic to share?!

@alywoah one thing I learned while working out is that if you want your arms to look big, you have to do more tricep workouts.... if that's what you want
@blubear07 yeah growing arm muscle was pretty easy for me. I also bulk up pretty fast but that's also because I naturally carry quite a bit of fat.
I try not to work out my arms too often cuz they bulk up super fast and I hate it. I had super muscular arms courtesy of my many years as a bread baker. Working with pounds of dough everyday is alot more work then people realize lol.
@alywoah still am tho. But I ain't giving up ☺ I want to have it like that in your pic 😁
@MimmiBumble01 haha don't be. my arms have deflated lololll
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