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Fancam Lee Min Ho Global Tour-- singing and dancing to Love Motion
A must-see fancam video -- watch Lee Min Ho sing and dance to Love Motion -- fun show by Oppa !! From kpopstarz: During "Love Motion," he showed off his best wave moves with a group of dance crew as well as intense head banging. Admittedly not a good dancer, Lee Min Ho cracked a few smiles as if he found himself funny actually dancing on stage. Immediately following the dance-heavy performance, Lee Min Ho said, "Dancing and singing at the same time is such a difficult thing. Nobody should do it," prompting a big laughter from the audience. http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/28953/20130525/lee-min-ho-sings-live-in-front-of-fans-wow.htm (credits to owner of video)
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wowwwww....so sexy...!!
4 years ago·Reply
Don't you think this guy could sell cuteness in bottles! I'll buy some lol
4 years ago·Reply
Oppa is too cute..he even laughs at himself when dancing.
4 years ago·Reply
haha:) this is so cute
4 years ago·Reply
so cute...yeah
4 years ago·Reply