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Hello to you all, for those who remember i made a card about which pokemon theme songs is the best in your opinion so i am here to give you the answers of what everyone had said

Tied in third place is

Opening for Orange Island
Opening for The Johto Journeys

Tied in Second Place is Both Pokemon XY series,

and may i say i like the first season of XY opening

Drum roll plz of which Pokemon Opening theme song was ranked #1 in the comments and on Anime America Top 10 Catchiest Anime Openings is

here's a like to check it out

First Place without a doubt

Pokémon Season 1: Indigo League - Opening Theme

To this day i still sing along to this song, its like how can you not?!?!
and @InVinsybll you're right you can't beat the original
Thank you so much for taking apart of this
personal favorite: jhoto journeys theme is number 1 always. Though I enjoy all 3 of jhotos themes. best: The original of course. I may love the jhotot theme more buy I can start singing the original theme anywhere and have people immediately recognize it and join in. Truly it is the one to bring pokefans together.