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This is a cut from Mamma Mia ^^ Seo Inguk was asked to demonstrate his martial art skills (hapkido)! As Kyuhyun earlier attached Inguk with his sharp tongue, Inguk was clearly happy (he even shouted YES) when Kyuhyun was chosen as the 'victim' haha. Kyuhyun looked scared and tried to get on Inguk's good side by saying sweet words to him but to no avail. Ingul got his sweet revenge, throwing Kyuhyun twice on the set haha. (You totally deserve it, Kyuhyun, even though I love you alot xD) Mama Mia is a TV program that shows the love between stars and their moms ^^
LOL Kyuhyun I don't think it's /that/ painful your face is too hilarious :P
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@winterlovesong cos Kyuhyun is a loser j/k I love him a lot! heh
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