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Drawing request for our fairytail guild!

Draw a character that is an anime character of u it has to look like an anime this is just for fun so u can just draw u if u want then post it n tag me in it for fun no rewards....(of course I still don't know how to make rewards) -Lucy To: (our guild n if u want to join come talk to me) @AstraAstro @arnelli @JoelCarmonaRoja @Randyswishy23 @AtumnWinds @fappypony @JessicFerrier @OGv6FATE @Aislinn @RebbecaFisk @JosieAnime15 @KeyDragonSlayer @NatsuKurosaki @Elizo @Zaperz @Mikeb28 @nicholezegarra @xXIDIOTXx @Kirik @PASCUASIO @hgkbooks @JustinCuellar @AydenBallard @ozzycory44 @dimplequeen
I'll definitely give it a shoot
Busy with college, but maybe I'll give it a shot over spring break. Warning, I'm not an artist, but I'm also a perfectionist, so it's gonna be rough!
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