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I saw a video today of ToppDogg trying to pronounce Western names, and it made me smile because I realized it is probably just as hard for our idols to pronounce our names as it is for us to make sure we are saying their names right!

...and the last thing you want to do is to be telling someone about your new favorite bias or group ... and get the name wrong! 馃槀

I think it is great to learn a new language, and I've been trying (like many of us) to learn Korean (well, sort of), but is it just me - or does your mouth not always want to cooperate with what your brain is telling it to say?!?

I think ToppDogg does a better job with the western names than these American's trying to pronounce idol's names, but I can kind of appreciate the struggle...

So what do you think? Is your name hard to pronounce?

In the end maybe names don't matter so much ...

"I love you" is good enough for me.

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@JahHndz haha yeah it was xD Hansol was me 100% in that one
this made my day
I know. ir made mine too.