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This is my abuela from my Puerto Rican/mom side. I remember the last time I was at my abuela's house, she took out stacks of photo albums and showed me decades of our family history.
One of the photos she showed me was this one. I am not too sure how old she is in this picture, but she was young. I just love seeing how there's so much story in old photos. From the clothes, to what's showing on the black-and-white television set, the background.
My abuela was (and still is) stunning!

If you have a picture of your abuela when she was young...share! And tag me in it. :-)

@buddyesd. I know that feels bro
@alywoah DAM ABUELA
@alywoah You're welcome :) And I hope so. I'm going to ask her sometime this weekend.
@YumiMiyazaki thank you!! Maybe she might have some pictures :-)
@alywoah I hated that lol I would just stand there all fidgety while my dad had go through all the channels like 5 or six times before he told me to put it back where it was 馃槴馃槴 I'm just glad cable was only like 20 channels back then compared to now lol
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