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With so much talk about traveling in Vingle communities, I thought I'd share 5 essential makeup traveling tips. While, these are not meant to be exhaustive, and there will be some tips that I left out, this is a fantastic starting point to ensuring you look your best while traveling--whether it's an impromptu road trip or a destination wedding.

1. Waterproof Makeup

In the midst of the rigors of traveling--packing, hauling, standing, arms up, arms to the side, cramped airlines and sauna-like temps on airplanes--you don't want to feel the dread of your makeup running. It's not cute and it's not funny!

2. Carry-On. Carry-On. Carry-On

Sure, you'll most likely have tons more makeup and makeup tools packed away in your stowed luggage, but it's essential to have some cosmetics with you that are acceptable for carry-on. While you may not want to touch anything in the lavatory, you can freshen up just before landing at your destination.

3. Lipstick Color

Regardless of the style of lip application, you want to have a pop of color on your face--most notably--your lips. So even if the rest of you is lack-luster, at least you've got some color to your face and your lips are on.

4. Essentials Only

Don't be that person traveling with 12 Kaboodle kits, unless you're a professional makeup artist. You only need everyday essentials to traveling. Concealer. Foundation. Primer. Shadow. Mascara. Brows. Lips. Done!

5. Foundation Rules

When you travel, you don't have the same comforts that you have at home. Access to facilities, fresh water, rest and a myriad of other things won't always be at your disposal. Choose concealers, primers, and foundations that are lightweight, multi-functional and compact. You don't want to look like a hot mess--in or out of makeup!
1. Waterproof Makeup
I carry my makeup when I travel, but I never wear it because I'm always in a rush and no time to look at the mirror.
Very good tips
I wouldn't wear make up while traveling
All the tips are great! I especially like #4 essentials only. That is definitely what I would use.
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