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Wow! 31, who would have thought! I'm so greatful for all the love and support for this fic. it makes me feel so happy that you all adore it so. I'm working really hard! Now, I will throw up the warning on this one. it's gonna be a feelsy one. Sorry it took me longer than expected, but I lost power last night in the storm, and i had to shut my phone off to save the battery till we got power back.
Tires screeched on asphalt as the car raced past, the only other sound a hail of bullets. "Charles!" came Krystal's blood curdeling scream of his name as he protected her from something she knew wouldn't have even stung. "Idiot! why did you do that?!" she yelled again, everything else forgotten as she appeared in front of a hospital, carrying him. "I need help! multiple gun shot wounds, and he's bleeding out!" she exclaimed, her urgency apparent despite her appearance as a doctor. She too had a degree as an emergency doctor, but this was to much for her to handle emotionally. Charles wavered in and out of conscious. "Krys... had to keep you... safe.. my.. love" he breathed out hoarsely, his hand falling from hers as he passed out on the gurney. They rushed him to surgery. Everyone at the hospital knew who both of them were, but Krystal declined helping. She was to fresh off the pregnancy hormones to deal with helping right now. "Please save him" Krystal whispered to the doctor as they pulled him, blue jewel like tears starting anew. Krystal clutched her necklace tightly, thinking of Bucky. "Keep him safe for me, Onyx. Let him live." she whispered under her breath, praying for her love's safe recovery and beginning to blame herself again. Everytime something good happened to her, something bad happened in return. What did she do to deserve this? The sugery was long, but before Krystal knew it, he was pulling through, and they were moving him to a room. "You can go see him, Doctor. He won't wake yet." the surgeon told her, and she thanked him kindly, walking away to his room. Krystal sat with him for a few hours until the panic and guilt started to set in again."I'm sorry Charles, but I can't do this" she whispered, writing him a note and setting it on his pillow, along with her ring.
When Charles awoke, he found the note sitting there with his grandmother's engagement ring. "Oh Krys... my love..." he whispered softly, setting the ring on the nearby table to read what she had to say. "Charles, as much as I love you, I can't put you in a position where you could get hurt. Anyone I even try to love dies, and this is precisely the reason I tried to leave before. I love you Charles, and that is why I can't be with you, because being with me is like the kiss of death. It always has been. I'm sorry to have to do it like this, but if I hadn't, I may not have been able to do it. I love you so much that just seeing you would have sueded me to stay. But I can't. Please understand. always, Krys" Charles shed a few tears as he dropped the letter, covering his eyes with his free arm, as the other clutched the necklace tightly. "Oh Krys... I do.... but... I can't accept it... Take me to her" he whispered, but no door appeared as it usually did. Instead, JJ appeared. He looked over charles, sighing softly. "It won't work charles. The keys only work with the consent of the queen." he explained, cleaning his wounds before he too disappeared. Charles sighed, holding a small bear JJ had given him that belonged to Serenity. The young man wanted to offer a little comfort. It helped to an extent, but still he cried. He wanted his family back. Charles deserved happiness just as much as Krystal did.
@shannonI5 @mcbubbles Yeah, lots of feels....
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