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Don't these look absolutely amazing?!
Want to know how I found these?
Right here--on Vingle!
Multi-media artist and chef, @AaronFox, has been uploading sumptuous food porn on Vingle that will make even a food coma victim hungry all over again! Don't get caught serving boring, bad tasting food at your wedding (or special event)!
Here are three inspirational wedding menu ideas that you should consider serving your guests. As always, partner with your professional caterer, go to food tastings and look for dynamic foods with dynamic flavor profiles. Skip the chicken! And don't force non-meat eaters to gorge on iceberg lettuce and scraps of carrot shavings!

Take a look at @AaronFox meals:

Rare beef with gold potatoes baked then pan fried with roasted Juniper sprigs and fig butter with anchovy and provincial herbs.
Lamb with fig butter and thyme. The flower is edible and spritzed with orange blossom honey.
Seared rare beef with orang茅 cr猫me modena, black garlic, and goat cheese on saut茅ed asparagus dusted with Pecorino Romano.
I keep staring at the asparagus and seared rare beef with Pecorino!!!!! Don't you wish you had these for lunch @buddyesd?!?!
hahahah Maybe stop by the grocery store for a fantastic dinner before you go home tonight
@marshalledgar yeah lol my por little sandwich just looks pathetic now haha
wow @AaronFox these look incredible!! @marshalledgar I'm glad you posted these on my lunch hour lol
thank you
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