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Parts: All found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

Later on Yongguk is woken up by someone knocking on the door. "What's up?" "It's Daehyun, open the door." He opens the door a bit and leans on the wall next to it. "Got out early?" "Yeah, the boss was pretty adamant about getting me back to work as soon as possible. Were you still sleeping? Aren't you supposed to be watching over Seunghye?" "I was and I am." "How are you supposed to do that if you're sleeping?" He moves out of the way and points to the bed. "We both are. Now what do you want?" "Got it. Anyway, the boss said you're not needed at the moment so he wants me to watch over her for now." "You? After what you did the first time?" "Hell, I don't know why he wants me to. He just told me to do it without giving me any reasons. You think I want to be doing this?" Yongguk gets in his face. "If you touch one inch of her, I swear to god, I'll beat you within an inch of your worthless life. Got it?" "Understood. Just wake her up and have her come out so I can bring her somewhere else." The thought of being beaten by Yongguk again makes him more inclined to do as he's told. Yongguk shuts the door, nearly slamming it in response to Daehyun. That manages to wake me up. I sit up. "What's going on?" "You should get dressed." "Why?" "You're going to go with Daehyun." "What? I don't want to!" He grabs my hand. "It's fine. He's not going to do anything, I promise. He knows better than to cross me." "But why?" "Youngjae ordered it. That's all either of us know. That's just how it is for now." "Okay. What are y-" "I'm going to go speak with him." I give him a look of warning. "Hey, don't make that face at me. I know how to control myself and I don't want to make anything worse. I just want to know what he thinks he's doing." "Don't do anything to get yourself hurt." He leans down, kisses me and then lightly knocks his forehead against mine. "That I can promise." He doesn't get hurt that easy so even if something does go wrong, it's likely he won't get hurt. ... I can't believe I'm stuck with this guy again. He's even worse to sit in the same room with than before. After what he did I can't imagine why I have to be around him again. Did Youngjae just completely stop caring? After about twenty minutes he breaks the silence. "Stop worrying." "What?" He won't make eye contact, he's got his chin resting in his hand on the table, seemingly uninterested in what he's saying. "I'm not going to do anything. You're not worth getting a beating again. So believe me, don't worry." "Good." I guess Yongguk is pretty feared around here. He's intense so I can understand why. "Since we have time, why don't we make some small talk." I can't help but glare at him. Small talk; I doubt he's going to want to talk about the weather. "So, what's going on with you and the boss?" "That's a little more than small talk don't you think?" "Okay. I get it. I'm still curious though." "There's nothing going on. Plain and simple." He stays quiet for a few minutes. He must be bored of me now. Can't blame him, what I have to say isn't all that interesting. "Then what's going on between you and Yongguk?" "You don't waste anytime. Straight shooter, huh?" "I suppose. Tell me, I gotta know. I've been here for awhile and never seen a woman sleeping in his bed with him. Makes me curious." "Aren't you old enough to put two and two together?" "You actually did that, interesting. I'm a little surprised that you would want to get into bed with him. Not to mention let him mark you up like that." I nervously cover my neck with my hand. I forgot about those. "Surprised?" He finally starts making eye contact. "Well, don't you remember, I spent quite a bit of time talking to you at the bar. You seemed to like guys like me, and a guy like me is a hell of a lot different than one like him." I forgot that for a couple hours I was actually attracted to him. "I blame the alcohol for any interest I had in you." "You had like one drink. Alcohol had nothing to do with it." "Dim lighting." He laughs. "Fine, fine. Be in denial of how into me you were." I just sigh. A few moments pass and his smile fades. "I'm sorry about everything I did to you. Even if it was an order I didn't like drugging you, you were pretty pleasant." "And when you attacked me without an order." He leans back in his chair and looks at me. "Can I trust you not to say one word about this to anybody. Not the boss and not Yongguk; nobody. You're nice and I want to tell you, but I don't want this coming back at me." "I won't." "I didn't want to attack you." I scoff at him. "Really now?" "Yes really. It was an order from Youngjae." "Why would he order that and then come in here and kick your ass?" "Think about it." I think for a moment and come to a disturbing realization. "He was trying to play the knight in shining armor. Did he want me to fall in love with him?" He simply nods. "Why?" He shrugs. "No idea. Not sure if it was for personal reasons or just a step in some strategy. Your guess is as good as mine." "I can't believe how deceitful he is." "There's a reason that he's good at what he does. Now remember; you agreed not to say a word about it to anybody." "Of course, I don't go back on an agreement. I really appreciate it. Thank you for telling me." He looks toward the floor. "No problem. I just didn't want you falling for him." "Why do you care?" "I honestly do think you'd be a distraction for him. But I don't think you deserve to be lied to and manipulated. Considering the fact I've never seen him have any interest in wanting a relationship, I can only assume that it was part of a plan." "I see. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you telling me all this. You seem like a nice enough guy." I laugh. "Maybe it wasn't just dim lighting." He laughs. "Told you so. I'm pretty irresistible." He does the most cringe worthy things as he says this: he stretches; flexes his arms; and then winks. I can't help but burst out laughing. "You're so cheesy! Oh man, I think that's the most I've laughed in days!" I sigh. "Thank you." He chuckles. "You're welcome. Even if you were laughing at my expense."
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@MadAndrea haha yeah I seen it. it's weird having him be mean now lol. but I'm loving the Yungguk story line!
the Daehyun feels are strong in this chapter 😂😭
awe poor Daehyun. not my bias [lil sisters one] but poor thing. and wtf Youngjae. like for real.
awww man I was thinking youngjae was a huge jerk.....trying to have her attacked so she would run to him and it not working and him freaking out.
@CrystalGuerra bum bum bum. the plot thickens XD. Did you miss the part in uh part 20 I think it was? He's kinda been an asshole for awhile in this version XD
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