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Yes I'm about to fangirl, first of all I was never a fan girl of Shinee to be honest I never liked their music the only song that I like was Down and Married to the Music.
but holy dang when I noticed Taemin released a new song I was like naaaw I'm not going to listen to it... I was Curious and I pressed it.
just like the video said press my number holy dang that song is hypnotizing and then Drip Drop I fell for him guys what should I do I don't know what to do.
so I downloaded the whole album on spotify since I'm paying for it like dang all his songs are really good I'm really impressed the quality of the music it's just (mind explosion) and thoose MV's OMG the quality and the choreography it's just on point everything is on point!!!!!!
I knew I heard this song somewhere so I agree with this kiddo! awesome collab hands down!!!

Press Your Number

Drip Drop

currently obsessed with this song!!!
@PrettieeEmm I feels your pain girl, I too am Key af... But Taemin is, tempting us in all the right ways... @VixenViVi Omg girl maknae is growing so much!!! I miss the adorable boy who loses things, gets lost and jumps out of airplanes... He is getting too blood boiling hot!!! What to do???
He is my bias in SHINEE but LORD his dance moves were way too much for me in both these videos! He SLAYED and I couldn't handle it! 😷😷
Just embrace the Taeminnie. <3
@bbyitskatie embrace it, I love SHINee and Taemin was my first Maknae crush and I'm so proud of his Solo, his last one was awesome so I knew this one was going to be awesome
Lol dat boy keeps soing illegal stuff to my heart... Bad maknae bad!!! Key my dear bias, I didn't mean for my eyes to stray... It just happened!!!
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