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Hiii! Many of you do not know me so I'd like to confess my biggest weaknesses in all of my kpop experience...let's get started! (all of these are specific things that I fangirl over so please don't judge)
1. Aegyo I don't know if many kpop fans like to watch the cringe-worthy cuteness but I love it XD
2. Eyeliner one word. sexy.
3. Vocals These guys have AMAZING gives me chills...
4. 한복 (hanbok) Idols in traditional clothing are just so so cute to me! Is it just me?
5. Playfulness Kpop idols are just so much more childish and playful than American artists are...American idols always mature too fast and act sexy which I'm not hating on American artists at all..I just prefer the cute/sexy/playful/childish kpop idols :)
if you enjoyed this then I'll probably make another one! *hearts hearts*
@anyaheart is right for sure! If you loveee kpop then you've entered a whole new world in which you wish your ethnicity was Korean. 😝🤗💕😔Being born on the wrong side of the world like... 😒😔
I 10,000% Agree with this😭😭😭😭😭