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Kiss Your Dark Spots Goodbye With 4 Simple Steps

Let's talk dark spots.

Think space invaders on your face. They made themselves rather comfortable and trying to get rid of them is more difficult than you thought. You feel like you've tried every trick in the book, but to much avail they are still sticking around. If only you knew then what you know now, you probably would've thought twice about poppin' those pesky pimples over the years.
No sense in beating yourself up about it now, but don't give up hope. You may feel as if you have tried it all, but believe me there are a few steps you may have overlooked that will rid you of your hyper pigmentation in no time. Keep scrolling to get with the program and kiss your dark spots goodbye forever.

Hydrate Your Skin.

In other words, drink water and plenty of it. Dry skin is triggered by dry weather and with dry skin your dark spots are more visible.Stay thirsty, you won't regret it.

Remember To Exfoliate.

A lot of times when it comes to exfoliation, people are more rough than gentle. Be gentle with your skin, especially the skin on your face. Find a gentle exfoliant or make your own at home. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and brings a fresh later which results in healthy, glowing skin.

Be Sure To Apply Sunscreen

You don't have to be laid up on the beach to apply sunscreen. Luckily, the majority of the skin and beauty products we use on a daily basis contains sunscreen, but to be sure always apply some after you apply your moisturizer. The sun can do damage to your skin, believe it or not.

Visit Your Local Dermatologist

If you feel like you've tried it all and you still have yet to see any progress, maybe it's time for you to visit your dermatologist and let them point you in the right direction. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are two great options that reduce dark spots overtime.

How do you keep your dark spots at bay?

[Disclaimer: if you don't have any, if not leave any advice you have]
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Give lemon juice, aloe Vera gel or apple cider vinegar a try as a toner. They are supposed to work magic! @Aripendragon
I've been wearing sunscreen every day since I graduated from high school, and I don't have any dark spots yet ;) I also do it because my family is prone to skin problems. I tell EVERYONE i know to wear it though.
they are perfect
thank for advices
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Did you know that skin’s surface layers have between 10% to 30% water content, and maintaining this level of hydration it should be your main priority? Most of the time, having dry skin is due to genetics, but can also be influenced by external factors like pollution, personal lifestyle, diet, hormones, climate, medication. A major job has been conveyed by the kind of skin-care items you use, as hurtful and drying fixings can irritate the skin's surface. Despite the reason, the outcome is your skin can't keep up its typical hydration level. Your strategy to restore the skin's surface, so it can remain flawlessly hydrated, is to begin giving your skin what it needs to stay hydrated, unblemished and smooth. Naturally, what you should do? Drinking a ton of water consistently is an useful thing, yet on the off chance that you have dry skin, this speaks to avery significant factor for the degree of dryness. Eat steadily, keep up an eating regimen is the thing that each specialist would state. I state that as well. I won't get into this subject as there are a lot of articles out there that approach this point with increasingly itemized and helpful data. Speaking of beauty, what you should do The most important thing in your beauty routine is to gently exfoliate your complexion twice or three times a week to get rid of dead cells. Because of these, an additional layer of skin is formed, so preventing the build-up of dead cells you allow treatments and moisturizes to go effectively into your skin and maintain the level of hydration longer. Use an efficient natural foundation for dry skin. Why organic makeup? Simply because it is natural, has more healing and hydrateting properties and does good to your skin! Another interesting fact is hot water strips oils from the skin faster than cold water, so I suggest you skip the long, hot showers or baths, I know is more than difficult, but try to limit yourself to a 5-10 warm shower a day to help your skin retain more natural oil into it. You should get worried when... Having dry skin can also be a sign of dermatitis if your skin presents some flaking along with redness. In this case, I recommend you go to dermatology. You might face a serious medical issue that needs professional attention. How to keep your skin hydrated? Using the right products, designed for dry skin, even better if organic and natural, and following a strict daily routine are important steps in keeping your skin hydrated. Restoring hydration to the skin is also important, so there are some things to be avoided if you want to keep your skin smooth. Stop damaging your skin by avoiding the following things: 1. Soaps in bar form 2. Drying cleansers 3. Products with hard or skin-aggravating ingredients like alcohol denat., citrus, fragrance, mint 4. Hot water, as it breaks down the skin 5. Abrasive scrubs or exfoliants 6. Stiff-bristled brushes as it can cause micro-tears in the skin’s surface Conclusion Hope you enjoy my writing and I will be very happy if this article helped at least one of the lady out there. Love you all!