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I have already done a card on theses two, but I just wanted to talk about this scene. I loved this scene because its the first time you really see Takano's vulnerable side. he's always been a very critical and somewhat arrogant character. the only time we have ever seen any form of vulnerability with him was in scenes where him and Onodera were alone, and even then we never saw that much, he almost always appeared calm and collected. But here he has finally reached the point where he desperately wants onodera to say he loves him, and while onodera does love him he knows they can't be the same as they were in the past. I found this interesting because for the first time I understood onodera. I had always loved him and takano, but I found it annoying that he always attempted to reject or avoid Takano's even though. he felt otherwise. But I came to understand what he was feeling when I saw this. Despite the fact that he loves Takano, he is not the same person he was when they met in highschool. They have both changed since then and he's afraid of going back to that because he knows he can't be that person.
I don't know the exact chapter, just that its somewhere around the end of the latest chapters.
Does anyone know what chapter this is?