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little pieces of bread with the freshest surprise :D
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@YinofYang really??? ohhhh i see i see i'm the same but ith carrots! I can't eat them alone, i need to have some sort of ranch sauce going or something like that :D
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@miranpark88 Wow, really?! My friend is the same way. Lol! Hey, I hope you saw the notification, I tagged you on someone else's card. I was going to upload that image, but I realized someone had already uploaded it.
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@YinofYang yes i did sweetie!!! and i asnwered rite???? but again--you're such a sweet heart!!!! i really appreciate it! <3
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such a healthy this! specially if u use wheat baguettes
5 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 You did, I definitely saw it. ( ^^)人(^^ ) @kristenadams Oh, yes. Wheat would also work well.
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