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Game made by: @sarabear1021 Okay people here are my results ^^ I hope you enjoy because while I was suppose to be working on work in physics I was doing this and I slacked off lol
Jin! let's be honest he will be the star of the wedding
This is actually really cute ❤
so elegant and simple it's perfect!
fancy af
(the gif was still going but the loading circle of hate was still showing) *Suga voice* I wanna big house
it's okay I don't want kids anyway lol I'm not Really a kid person
RANDOM PHOTO OF REN Short,embarrassing, true story: OKAY so I was in history and my friends and I were talking and my friend said she ordered a xo sweater and it barely shipped out AND I STARTED FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I THOUGHT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT EXO AND I WAS LIKE "WHOS YOUR FAVORITE MEMBER/BIAS?! " AND SHE LOOKED AT ME CONFUSED AND SO DID MY OTHER FRIENDS AND IT FINALLY HIT ME THAT SHE MENT THE XOXO SWEATER thank god it was kind of loud in the class and I recovered by saying "What's your favorite xo sweater color that you've ordered? Long story short I'm still cringing
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Oh girl I know that pain. A girl said she watched a BTS video and I was like WHICH ONE? WAS IT DOPE OR WAR OF HORMONE? She looked at me like I was crazy and then I realized she meant behind the scenes.