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There are 18 days until Daredevil season 2!

So in honor of our beloved hero, we'll be playing a game of truth or dare every day until the season premiere!
Here's how it works:
+Every day you'll get one truth challenge and one dare challenge
+You can do either one (or both)
+When we're done we'll all watch season 2 together!!!

Truth: 18 things we LOVE about Daredevil!

Since there's 18 days until the show arrives, let's see if we can put together a list of 18 things that we love about Daredevil! The character, the show, the comics, you name it!

+Comment below to complete this challenge!

Dare: A card about your favorite character

To spread the word about the series, let's flood the community with cards about our favorite characters from season 1!

+Create a card to complete this challenge!
The Punisher supposed to be a supporting character... Yes can't wait
i saw a small clip with "Shane" as the Punisher. It confirmed my fear that he isn't the man for the job.
this sounds like a lot of fun. hopefully I'll get to watch the show with everyone
Definitely like this idea. And I gotta say that the one thing that I loved about Daredevil more than anything was his internal conflict. Whether or not it would be right for him to kill Kingpin and the fact that he actually WANTED to hit me pretty hard.
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