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It's all-out war!

Okay, no it's not. Most of us are fans of both American comic books and Japanese manga. And you can't deny they influence each other. So let's discuss and compare them! For fun, not war ;)

+Are there any design or artistic choices you prefer?

Any artists you love? Most manga is black and white while American comics are full color. Does that make a difference when it comes to enjoyment?

+Cost! We all wish stuff could be cheaper, right?

Of course lower costs often mean cheaper paper or under-paid artists. Who strikes the best balance between cost and quality?

+Access! Where do you get your fix?

Lots of people have mentioned there isn't a comic book shop near them. What about manga? Does everyone just read online?

+Anything else you can think of!

This discussion can go wherever we want it to! We're all friends here so feel free to share your ideas and add any more topics to compare!
(This card was partially inspired by the series @VoidX has been doing called 'why anime' so I recommend it).
I go for both
this is tough. I definitely love both mediums but I also definitely read more manga than comics. I think I've found easier avenues to read manga for free than I have for american comics. there are narratives that I really love on either side too. I think, generally, manga that I've read have been a lot 'grander' in scope and limitation, while american comics feel a lot more grounded, more real. (esp. the ones I like best anyway). so I get different things from either.
I started reading comics before I started reading manga but I think I like the artwork in manga more. its hard to choose lol I usually read my manga online but I only buy manga when I really like it. I usually go to Barnes and Nobles to buy manga. but I always buy my comics. I go to local comic shops in area.
@shannonl5 ya. I just read some online then check out the ones they have
@VoidX of course ^_^ @JessicaFerrier it's cool that some libraries near you have manga! The ones near me didn't have any completed series for a really long time, they'd have like 70% of the volumes but they'd never be in the right order so it wasn't a great option until pretty recently
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