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Capcom announced today that they're re-releasing Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 this year. But absolutely no one asked for this. I mean, we all really loved that re-release of the first Resident Evil and maybe some of us were excited about Resident Evil 0 (recently released) but we're all waiting for, arguably, the best title in the series:

Resident Evil 2

Like where the hell is that remake, Capcom? You know all of your fans want to replay that classic, why don't you just HD-ify it so we can? And you know what, I'm willing to admit that maybe I'm one of the few people that absolutely loved RE2 (and even 3) but come on, one out of three of these games that were announced are good (Resident Evil 4).
The fifth title in the game was a huge departure from what made the RE series great. It was more action focused that the emphasis on item management and the "survival" part of "survival-horror" just disappeared. Yes, it was super cool that you got to play through the whole game with a co-op partner. But it also paved the way for the worst (yes, the worst) game in the series, Resident Evil 6.
That game was so horrible, I couldn't believe that I actually bought it. It was one of the least fun games I have ever played and, honestly, it felt like it wasn't even a full game. It felt more like 3 tiny ones mashed together that sometimes overlap. I only have bad memories playing that game and it's one of the first times I had to stop playing simply because I was bored out of my mind.
If you're interested in these games though, I left the announce trailer for you to watch above. And while you're doing that, I'll probably be groaning so hard my voice will give out.
even as a bonus feature
personally I want RE1.5
Wow I totally agree wtf I can't wait for RE2 n they should remake RE3 omg that one was my favorite