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this is Nigera on the fifth wheel, Dutchess is in the box, and Deedee is stalking the camera!
Nigera and Deedee are very similar to each other. they are very skiddish about everything though they still love attention. Nigera loves the outdoors and hates being inside. Deedee is too young to be outside yet, and she hates the vacume (all you have to do is pull it out and she finds the deepest, darkest place she can to hid in). Dutchess is a strictly indoors cat (the last pure white cat we had got killed soon after we put it outside) she loves pritty much everything except for the vacume and being picked up. If she chooses to get into someone's lap she loves it but only if it's her choice! Dutchess and Deedee both love to chase the laser light around. They know what the little metal thing is, so when you pick it up they both start looking for the dot! Oh! and Dutchess loves little aluminum foil balls! like when you eat a Hershey's Kiss, if you ball up the wrapper and throw it Dutchess will chase it and play with it for hours!
What kind of things do they like? What do they dislike?
Ahhhh they're cute! Do you have any pictures of them separately? :D