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Sometimes, free date can just be as great as the ones you pull out your wallet for. The best sort of dates are the ones that consider your date's/partner's interests and hobbies.

Here are a few of them!

1 - Hiking

Find a trail and conquer it -- together. This is a great way to be around a beautiful scenery, while being with your favorite person.

2 - Salsa Dancing

Can't afford dancing lessons? Scope out free lessons from Latin clubs before it gets turned up. If you can't find that, learn the basics together at home, then get loose at a salsa club.

3 - Picnic

Grab some your favorite foods, sit down, and have fun. Sometimes all you need is the outdoors and great company.

4 - Museum

You can usually find a museum that is free. Another great idea is looking for an art gallery opening where sometimes it costs nothing but your support.

5 - Game Night

Board games or video games -- choose your pick. Laugh, have fun, and stir in a little competition.

6 - Karaoke

You can karaoke at home, or put on your party shoes and go to a bar or restaurants that has their weekly karaoke events. You might have to buy a drink so you're not a total jerk to the establishment, but it's worth it!

7 - Volunteer

Team up and work together by helping out in your community or even outside of it.
I like the game night idea – getting a little competitive is always sexy ;D
The hiking one has to be one of my fav date ideas!! :D
Though sometimes things can go south if you are stubborn like me @AlloBaber lol
It's one of my favorite things to do on a date! :) @nicolejb