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Since the internet has become a dominant presence in the news world, it seems now, more than ever that unnamed sources dominate the articles on the web.
News trades, private convos about athletes.. all confirmed from "sources" that these journalists, are protected by their companies. These lead many people to ask: where do you get this information for you stories, and is it legal?
This summer, one of the big stories was the JPP hand incident. One of the first to break news on the issue was ESPN. According to Jason Pierre-Paul, his hospital documents were acquired illegally, and he plans to sue.
The lawsuit claims Adam Schefter "improperly obtained Plaintiff's medical records from a hospital" and then tweeted them out, writing that "ESPN obtained medical charts that show that Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul had right index finger amputated today."
Two employees of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami were fired in early February for inappropriately accessing Pierre-Paul's medical records. They were identified by the Miami Herald as an operating room nurse and secretary. A lawsuit against the hospital has been settled.
So it has been confirmed that his records were accessed inappropriately, but we have no word on if Schefter was apart of this. If so, this could really hurt his credibility in the long run.

Do you think his rights to privacy were infringed upon? Do you think he will win a nice settlement in this one?

If this is true, should ESPN let Adam Schefter go?

Fact of the matter is, people are much quicker a and more willing to break the rules and share bad news before good
@duckthefodgers no he knew it would be shared, but everything should've been handled With the team internally first though
@mchylang I think that's not just the case with Espn but everywhere with digital journalism. The news isn't enough to hold a lot of young people's attention anymore, it's gotta have some type of nasty story behind it lol
@kyleberke if they confirm that he was, he's def getting canned
I mean he was stupid enough to blow his fingers off with fireworks but that doesn't mean you can illegally obtain his medical files
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