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So I am back...finally. After Chicago's EXO'luXion, then a scare with my mom that ended up in ER, hospital, and surgery, I think I can finally end my week-long hiatus.
So! time to restart this challenge. And picking up where I left of, today is...
Fav pics of SHINee.
Oh, come on! I can't choose, so be ready for some SHINee spam! Individual and group :)
and of course, to start off...my UB Key. first ever bias...and no matter how much the other's fight over it they will never take his spot.
Jjong. My second fav in the group
And my OTP: Jongkey
Taemin: who told this boy that he could grow up?
Our chicken loving leader Onew
and last but not least Minho: another boy who wasn't told me could grow up
and so...umm..I found the limit of as how many pics/gifs I can upload to one card. first time I've done that.
...my hands still smell like kimchi...
tagging the usuals! If you want to be added or removed, let me know!
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I got to the jongkey pictures and literally started chanting "OTP OTP OTP"