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The relationship between Joe Johnson and the Brooklyn Nets has finally come to an end.
The Brooklyn Nets announced Thursday afternoon that they've waived former All-Star guard Joe Johnson.
"Joe has been a quality professional since joining the Nets four years ago, was a valued member of three playoff teams, and provided many thrilling moments for his teammates and Nets' fans. We wish him much success in the future," Marks said in a statement.
Since he was released by the deadline, he will be playoff eligible for whatever team acquires his services.
The Nets were in a tough situation with Johnson, they have no draft pick this year, so they couldn't just come out and tank this year, even though they didn't feel they had a contender. Their only option was to play it out as long as they could, and hope a team would offer something at the trade deadline.
Sadly, the Nets still haven't played well and Johnson was not apart of a trade. The team couldn't absorb his deal anymore and opted to let him go. At 34, it seems as if Johnson has something left in the tank, but will likely have a new role on his new team.
A number of likely playoff teams, sources said, are already pursuing Johnson: Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Oklahoma City and Toronto.

Did the Nets Make The Right Move Waiving Joe Johnson?

What team do you think he will agree to sign with?

Dude the Nets suck
they just trying to save money on this losing season
@Bobs And I feel like that was the right move to make!