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The relationship between Joe Johnson and the Brooklyn Nets has finally come to an end.
The Brooklyn Nets announced Thursday afternoon that they've waived former All-Star guard Joe Johnson.
"Joe has been a quality professional since joining the Nets four years ago, was a valued member of three playoff teams, and provided many thrilling moments for his teammates and Nets' fans. We wish him much success in the future," Marks said in a statement.
Since he was released by the deadline, he will be playoff eligible for whatever team acquires his services.
The Nets were in a tough situation with Johnson, they have no draft pick this year, so they couldn't just come out and tank this year, even though they didn't feel they had a contender. Their only option was to play it out as long as they could, and hope a team would offer something at the trade deadline.
Sadly, the Nets still haven't played well and Johnson was not apart of a trade. The team couldn't absorb his deal anymore and opted to let him go. At 34, it seems as if Johnson has something left in the tank, but will likely have a new role on his new team.
A number of likely playoff teams, sources said, are already pursuing Johnson: Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Oklahoma City and Toronto.

Did the Nets Make The Right Move Waiving Joe Johnson?

What team do you think he will agree to sign with?

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they just trying to save money on this losing season
2 years ago·Reply
@Bobs And I feel like that was the right move to make!
2 years ago·Reply
Dude the Nets suck
2 years ago·Reply