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You probably wouldn't guess this about me (jk you probably could) but I love nerds. And I love dating nerds. Even in high school I wasn't interested in the football-playing, cool-dude types. I was into the theatre nerds and band geeks. This is (in part) because I'm also a big fat nerd. But also because I found that our relationships are the best.
So this is for all the comic lovers, video game nerds, anime, music geeks, and all things nerdy! This is what it's like to date a us.

How we Meet

Usually it's at a club meeting, convention, or through a friend with the same interest. Sometimes it's very unconventionally, we meet them on the internet or while browsing the same obscure store that we love. Think: comic book stores, record stores, or at an obscure play.
Band geeks will also know that band (and clubs in general) is a breeding ground (sometimes literally) for love. For example: Two of the couples in my show choir got married...nerd stuff is real!

What Dates Look Like

Dates are very strange to the average human person. Yes, we will probably watch all the Harry Potter's in one night. Yes, we will stay up trying to beat each other in the new video game we love. Yes, we will probably visit a weird museum or library. Yes, LARPing might be involved.
We'll probably visit places that are significant in the things we love too. For example: I will HAVE to take my future person the New Zealand so we can explore the the Shire. That's just going to be how it is.

How we Express Love

The way we show love is through strange crafting. We'll probably create love letters in Elvish, or have a couples costume for Comi-Con. My S.O. once created a replica of Audrey 2 from the musical Little Shop of Horrors for me. It's probably my favorite gift ever. We create things from our favorite worlds to show how much we care.
The way we tell that person we care for them is also pretty weird, but it makes sense to us. I've even told someone that I would give up my Disney VHS movie collection (GASP!) for them. We also like using quotes, think sayings things like, “My precious..” (in our best Gollum) voice as we creepily stroke our SO's hand to show we truly care.

What Our Future Looks Like

We will probably have the nerdiest wedding together, get married and teach all of our kids the way of our nerdiness and also to rule the world.

Have you been in a geeky relationship?!

@InVinsybll Hahahaha NERDS! I love that though, weird conversations like that are the best part of nerdlationships. Hahaha I had a lot of friends that are super into gaming and it's been nice learning about that stuff. I'm still a noob to nerdy gaming @RafaelRese18
This is a super cute card @nicolejb!! :D Those Princess Leia and Han Solo cups are amazingggg. I want some!!! :D
Great card and awesome LoTR references haha~
Ugh, I've always wanted to date a gamer/nerd. because I'm a big one, always wanted to play an MMORPG with her.
how I knew I loved my partner even before we dated was that we started talking about what a human rights coalition for zombies would look like. she came up with the acronym for it and I swooned. B.R.A.I.N.Z - Bringing Rights to All International + National Zombies.
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