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I'm here to take a vote. Anyone else think that Akame Ga Kill ending was bad? I do, and please tell me I am not the only one. The over all show was good and you get attached to each of the characters easily and the ending did wrap everything up. But I still feel upset about it and think it didn't have to end that way.
What I'm really upset about is they killed off the basically the entire team! Like come on you give us such good characters and then BAM! They are gone faster than you can blink. (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ (Characters In Order: Sheele, Bulat, Chelsea, Lubbock, Susanoo, Mine, Leone)
The only ones they didn't kill off was Akame and Najenda. Poor Akame, I mean look at that face, she was possibly one of the sweetest on the team. She had to watch her team be killed one after another, even kill her own sister. Only for the revolutionary army's crimes to be pinned on her and she has to fight and kill to survive for the rest of her life. Although she did accept that fact, its still very sad (´╥ω╥`)
Then they killed off Tatsumi. Although at times I didn't like his character attitude, the entire show started and basically revolved around him. Without Tatsumi the entire show would not have been what it was. So how can they just kill him off? I don't understand that logic.
THEN THIS POOR LITTLE GUY HAD TO DIE! The Emperor was used by the Minister THE ENTIRE TIME! Everyone knew that! I mean he is a little boy who had to run the country, of course he would look to an adult. Why couldnt they just lock him up instead of kill him? He is just a kid and once you take his power away he had nothing. After all was said and done he realised he was in the wrong. But he faced his death like an adult and did not cry about it, which in my opinion made this small little boy a far better adult than the Minister who cried in the face of his death.
I have a love-hate relationship with this show. I can't decide weither I love the story plot or hate the entire thing. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks like this. I need feedback on what you guys think, so please let me know!
but for the anime I still like it, because it shows how horrifying war really is and can be. other animes always have the main character survive, but akame ga kill was more realistic about it. people die, on both sides of a war.
@InVinsybll in the Manga it was R but in the anime it was pg-13 lol
@InVinsybll yeah, I actually really like that they broke the "main character always survives because main character status" rule
I'm with you on have a love-hate for this anime because I was pissed at the ending and sad at ft he same time but I that that tasumi and your sword girl would've been the only two left standing in the end. I mean I was so happy for him when he got that power from the suite but no they killed him and I felt so sorry for the girl because she lost everyone and had to deal with everything on her own.
main reason is theyre rebels against the laws and system and thats why we love them and yeah it was cool to know their stoires.
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