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Hiya Nakama!!!! So today I wanted to talk bout the cutest anime that I loved watching when I was growing up! I have a Pashmina stuffed animal still! X)
This cute anime is so adorable and the original manga was written by Ritsuko Kawai in 1997-2000. Then TV Tokyo made 296 episodes and Osamu Nabeshima directed (:
The Ham-Hams have so much fun each day when Hamtaro's owner, Hiroko Haruna, isn't around!! X)
And even with hamsters there is a little bit of love out there haha and there are those who just don't care haha x)
@Alcides13 no problem (X @NikolasSatterwh and I know right!!! sooooo adorable! and I love how the mangaka's last name is Kawai.. haha c:
@tbell2 I remember hamtaro and Oxnard meet boss and try to help him win Bijue's heart, and that kind of back fired haha. I remember an episode where they imitate school and crappy was the bell ringer, and one more episode was when they went to the beach. I'm surprised I even remember that much掳_掳
@MetalMorgan yesss I know right?! I need to rewatch it haha I don't remember like half of them because it has been so long ago
wow talk about reminiscing. I haven't seen this in years! haha Maxwell who was the brains of the group would have to be my favorite
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