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Sorry for the lame title and maybe you don't like me calling you gummyz.....just sorry But someone asked me to name ALL the kpop idols that I follow! Already I knew how difficult that task was going to be.....and it was!!!
So I made a list of them so as not to confuse myself and here are the results that will shock you! Maybe not as much as I was!!!! I took out solo artists because I was just focusing on groups and I categorized them as boy groups and girl groups. (Also I JUST had to use that just represents what I feel) Boy groups that I follow are 28. Girl groups that I follow are 7. That's a big difference >~< Now to the most shocking part! In total, that's 167 guys?!? You read that right! 167....woah For girls, 44....not AS bad but still that is a lot of girls! With both combined that gives the whopping number of 211! 211 idols.....that I have memorized....stage names, real names, birthdays, voices, birth places, how many languages, likes/dislikes, ideal types!!! I pretty much know more about them than I know of my own siblings or friends!!!!! Wow, we fangirls (fanboys out there) really are geniuses! Better believe it guys, we could rule the world with our memorizing skills!!!!
that's impressive. .. I'm not that talented haha. but I like the nickname ^.^
That's crazy impressive!!!! Yeah fangirls know what's up hahahaha...
That's incredible. I like gummy:)
I knkw! we are so amazing.
@KarlythePanda66 aww really im glad that you like it heh!
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