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Now, I've never played Rocket League but I've always been interested in giving it a shot. A lot of my friends have been playing this and having a lot of fun with this weird, soccer, car game. And for some reason, this news of the Batmobile being added to the game makes me more excited to play this game than I actually should be.
I mean, I'm not really that excited for the Batman v. Superman movie (although, I'll probably still watch it) but seeing the Batmobile in something other than that movie has this strange effect on me. I mean, I shouldn't care right? That's what would make logical sense but for some reason I do.
It also makes me wish that I got into Rocket League a little sooner. I don't like getting into multiplayer/competitive games too late because I don't get that little grace period where everyone is still trying to figure out how to play the game. So, I'd probably be the worst at it. That doesn't make the game look any less fun, though.
And now that I'm trying to think about it. I actually don't really know anything about this game or how it plays. Is it just like driving into a giant soccer ball thing? Or do you shoot stuff from time to time? Do the cars all have different stats? Is it team-based or is everyone on a team with themselves? How does this game actually work?
Man... Maybe I shouldn't have written this card. The Batmobile looks super cool though. The Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice DLC for Rocket League comes out on March 8th. Until then, though, I'll probably be trying to figure out how to play the actual game.
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"driving into a giant soccer ball thing" I think that's the gist of the game. This looks super rad!