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Spongebob is oddly similar to kpop fans

Here are some gifs that I'm sure all of us fangirls can relate to. Enjoy!

1. Time Zone differences

2. Meeting another kpopper

3. Showing off your new kpop merch

4. Trying to understand Netizens' nonsense

5. Finding out your bias is dating

6. Getting over it - at least trying to

7. Watching a girl group MV

8. Finding out your bias is coming to the U.S on tour

9. Realizing you're broke af

10. Thinking of your bias at random times

11. Trying to stay awake after a whole night of fanfiction

12. Looking for a boyfriend that looks like a kpop idol

13. Trying to choose a bias for a new group

14. Trying really hard not to get invested with yet ANOTHER group

15. Attempting to learn kpop choreo

16. Waiting on that comeback like...

17. Watching your ships sail so hard, Christopher Columbus can't touch them

18. Hyperventilating when your maknae bias turns into a sex god

Thanks for reading!!! ♡♡♡

If you're a kpopper, know that you're awesome and have fantastic interests ;)
@Ercurrent @NEOisRealo @PrincessUnicorn @Lexxcisco Yasssss thank you guys ♡♡♡
taemin became a sex god in his comeback and I'm over here hyperventilating
OMG so accurate 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
OMG how have I not noticed?😲😲😲
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