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Apologies for the darkest screenshot to ever have existed on Vingle. But trying to get a screenshot of these trailers is like trying to walk around a dark room before your eyes adjust to the low-light setting you find yourself in. It's not that bad of a thing (because I never seem to notice how dark everything is while I'm watching these Marvel Netflix shows) but it becomes strangely apparent whenever I want to share them here on the Internets.
Anyway, as I thought, the second trailer for the second season of Daredevil has a lot of Elektra in it. And they kind of alluded to that towards the end of the last trailer. But I still didn't know what her role on the show would be. And it looks like she teams up with Matt every once and a while. It made me realize that I really love the way the season is framed. Even though there's an overarching villain throughout the series (not sure of who that is just yet for season two), there are still other things going on in Hell's Kitchen.
The trailer really rounds out what we can expect from the show this year. We'll have bits and pieces of The Punisher showing up along with Elektra when Daredevil wants to battle against the Yakuza, or as stated in the trailer The Hand. This is all real interesting stuff to me because I'm remembering correctly, The Iron Fist is involved with The Hand in some way or another (if I'm wrong please correct me). I don't think Danny Rand is a part of the group but I know there's a connection there and I wonder if there'll be any more Iron Fist stuff showing up in this season like it did last year.
Other than my overwhelming excitement for seeing a great portrayal of Frank Castle on the screen for once, I'm really excited to see how this season builds on last years. It's nice to be excited about seeing all of my favorite characters from Marvel's universe show up in one season but I think it'll be even better when everything finally plays out.
I'm still catching up on Jessica Jones, so hopefully I can finish that season before Daredevil's second one shows up on Netflix.
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Yes!!!! Definitely finish Jessica Jones first! You've got time :D