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Words cut deep.

If you recall my card from last week referring to the image of the African American woman's lips that MAC Cosmetics had posted on their Instagram page [see card here], well the jury has reached a verdict.
In this case, MAC along with the woman in the image [Aamito Lagum] have both finally reached out and talked about the rude, ignorant and unnecessary comments that were left underneath the picture. If you're interested in hearing more about what the two had to say about something that could've easily been avoided, keep scrolling and check out both the commentary and the brief video for yourself.
Aamito Lagum [23 years old] is a model originally from Uganda. She has been on Africa's Next Top Model and just a few weeks ago she walked in Kanye West's Yeezy show at Madison Square Garden for New York Fashion Week. While Lagum absolutely loves her lips, she was surprised when she saw the hateful comments that followed the image posted by MAC Cosmetics.
She said:
“At first, I was flattered because I absolutely think my lips look beautiful in that photo,” said Ms. Lagum, reached by phone. “But when I started to read the comments, it was quite unsettling. Horrible things were being written, and I was not very surprised, which is itself very disheartening.”
MAC's Global President, Karen Buglisi Weiler, also spoke out on the topic, saying:
“Our MAC fans are very opinionated, generally speaking, and we encourage that dialogue,” said Karen Buglisi Weiler, the brand’s global president. “But abuse and cruelty are not something we tolerate.”

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Her lips are phenomenal! She's so beautiful! People are so judgmental (-.-)
@marshalledgar a real apology would be to start hiring more nonwhite models. The fashion and make up industry is notoriously discriminatory. Ajak Deng just quit the industry for that very reason. The best way to show racists that they don't care for their business is to support the people that they seem to hate so much.
How about we as a society, stop slinging hate about shit that doesn't affect us?! you looked at a picture. did the picture punch your mother or call you a little entitled jerk? then carry on buttercup nobody needs proof that you can be a douchebag.
It's really sad that more darker skin people aren't as put in, they're just as beautiful and deserve to get the same positions, I really hope one day this happens. I know that , actually, a representative for all races to get big labels would be great and show a step forward in the make up world by showing all of the different chatacteristics that are gorgeous. I'm highly disappointed about MAC's response... like really?
Is it me or do the words from MAC Global President, Karen Buglisi Weiler, seem a bit blase and canned? As bothered and exhausted as I am about racism, I am equally tired of the pc responses. People hate Trump, but at least he has the guts to speak his mind. I'd love--FOR ONCE--a major brand to stand up and call people out for being so damn ignorant. I am tired of the speeches that say, "...blah blah...cruel comments won't be tolerated...blah blah..." Honestly, what does that even mean? UGH...
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