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James Corden is doing some pretty rad things on the Late Late show. I've been really entertained and appreciative of his sense of humor, with his fun carpool karaoke, and toddler dancing.

But then he did a game that really put into perspective our dating world. No seriously, a comedy game that actually made me think.

Here it is:
Paris, production secretary at the Late Late show was advised my Khloe Kardashian in her efforts to find a date. Using a foam finger she's able to swipe and pick who she wants to go on a date with.
The guys seem nice and good-looking overall. But they don't get to say anything, they just stand there until the question round.

While I had some good laughs on this, mostly this sketch made me cringe.

Because bring swiping in the real life, and feelings come into this. Paris, the girl picking the dudes, was feeling really bad about swiping left. Because denying people on their looks is extremely demoralizing to the person. Not to mention the pressure of being on live television in front of an audience!
So if asked to play Tinder live? No thanks for me. I'm also going to skip the app Tinder as well.

Would you do it?

Exactly @jordanhamilton!! I almost wish they did the reverse and asked the questions first, you know? Totally @AlloBaber behind a screen is a lot less commitment I think so it's easy to just keep swiping. haha this version is too much
God I agree, that was cringey @nicolejb. I wouldn't subject someone to being so brashly rejected in real life. The app can be a really empowering thing, I'd argue – a way to take control for people who have felt judged based on their appearance or cast aside in a similar way. But overall... I don't think it's the best way for people to find true love. A fun little thing to play with is all. Your best bet is to be kind and treat people respectfully.
This looks extremely fun, but I agree with you it all comes down to a persons feelings at the end of the day. It's one thing to do it behind a screen, but in person someone might end up getting hurt.
YES! I agree. that strategy would be perfect.