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Well.. ASTRO is a new group, who made their debut stage today with their song "Hide and Seek" in their mini album "Spring Up." Their group name (ASTRO)'s name meaning is star in spanish. This name contains the members' pure desire to become rising stars who will receive love and support from everyone. ASTRO is a group that loves to do silly things that brightens up your mood. They're a group that fanboys' over their sunbae BTS and BIG BANG, that they did dance covers. They are a group consisting of 6 members. They are under Fantiago Entertainment, these 6 members were announced as a group in August 14 of 2015, but auditioned in 2012-2014 and I was with them ever since! Muahaha
A little something about the ASTRO members:


Birth Name: Park Jin Woo The second eldest in the group, who wakes up the latest and tends to be very "slow." Favorite the rapper SanE. He has crazy drumming and beatboxinf skills. Born on March 15, 1996. The LEADER and RAPPER of ASTRO.


Birth Name: Kim Myung Jun The eldest of the group, who is a mood maker; that calls himself the "Happy Virus" of the group, gets called weird by his own members. Favorite the Marvel character Iron Man. Born on March 05, 1994. The MAIN VOCALIST of ASTRO.

Cha Eunwoo

Birth Name: Lee Dong Min The third eldest in the group, who is ASTRO's morning alarm clock, and got nicknamed "Morning Alarm." Born on March 27, 1997. Has talents such as playing the piano and guitar. A VOCALIST and of course the VISUAL of ASTRO.


Birth Name: Moon Bin Played Kim Bum's child version in "Boys Over Flowers" with his best friend from IKON; Chanwoo. Shares the same birthday and birth year as Chanwoo on January 26, 1998. Has a younger sister, SuA, who is a trainee under YG Entertainment and appeared on Unpretty Rapstar 2. He is a VOCALIST and a RAPPER in ASTRO.


Birth Name: Park Min Hyuk Part of the Maknae Line, a black belt in Taekwondo, a sweet DANCING MACHINE, who knows how to cook, born on February 25 1999, who is a rapper of the ASTRO that can sing.


Birth Name: Yoon San Ha Has the nickname Beagle of the group, a flexible body, who loves eating, a personality like BTS' V, he mastered to play the guitar in 8 months, covered Eddy Kim's "The Manual." Born on March 21, 2000, a VOCALIST and the cutie pie MAKNAE in ASTRO.
They prepared their debut with their web drama "To Be Continued." To all my Kim Sae Ron, actress fan, in this web drama, Kim Sae Ron also played a main role. And if you haven't watched that, I recommend you too. They also prepared their debut with their reality show "ASTRO OK! Ready To Go! I also recommend you to watch this!
Watch their hot debut stage on M!Countdownn as they have crazy and adorable dances with their sweet voices.
Watch their MV debut song "Hide and Seek" that was released on the 23rd of February!
ASTRO's cover of BTS and BIG BANG!
I wish for you all to fall in love with ASTRO, as much as I did. And to those who already know who ASTRO is, let's keep on supporting these bad boys. Let's give support and love to these who finally entered the Kpop Idol World! ♡
They are a group of beagles.....but so cute....and so young. We've been watching them for months now.
they are a boy group that just debuted they were going to debut in 2015 but they were too busy I think. The names are MJ, Jin jin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha my bias is Eunwoo 😀
I've been in love with ASTRO from auditions and the mini series too! So happy they finally debuted and are on V app as well! ASTRO fighting!
I remembed every members names in less then 20 minutes after finding them…
my friend n I say they're like the happy cute version of bts
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