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NamjoonXReader Okay, this is my first time writing a fiction so please go easy on me. And let me what you think about it. And if you would like to be tag on part 2
It was a peaceful morning, you woke up heading to the bathroom to wash up before getting ready for school. After taking a shower and putting your school uniform on, you went down stairs to the kitchen where your parents where having breakfast. Sitting in the chair your father said "y/n we need to talk" With food in your mouth you couldn't respond so you nod " make sure to come home early today, really important guest are coming today,and you need to be here" your father said "Why?" You ask "It's important just make sure you get here early"
On your way to school you couldn't stop thinking about what your father had told you, you where curious to know why it was so important for you to be there. But all those thoughts fade away when you saw him, the guy you have had a crush since the first day you saw him. He was perfect, his smile would make you forget about your worries,his dimples you loved them, his dimples where the reason you feel for him. You loved every thing about him, the way he laughed, the way he walk, how he look when he played soccer with his friends, how under the sun light he would look shiny from all the sweat. You couldn't help but stare at Kim Namjoon.
You where to deep in your thoughts of him,you didn't even notice you had passed your classroom, until your best friend myungsoo pulled you and snap you back to reality. "What are you doing y/n, class is not that way" You looked at him in confusion, he nodded towards the stairs that lead to the second floor. You chuckle realizing that you have been following Namjoon after seeing him by the lookers. After seeing a glimpse of Namjoon, Myungsoo figured the reason why you almost went to the second floor "You really need to stop daydreaming y/n" he said while giving you a warm smile. " I can't help it, he's just to perfect" "Ok ok I get it you like him, can we go you class before we are late? Y/n?" "Sure, by the way how did you knew it was me?" "There's only one idiot that would stare and follow Namjoon, while drooling if I may add, in this school"
You playfully punch him in the arm for calling you an idiot. It wasn't a secret, your feelings for Namjoon. Pretty much everyone in your grade knew about it even your teachers. And of course they wouldn't pass the opportunity to tease you about it whenever you weren't paying attention. Your teacher Ms.Suzy would tell you to pay more attention because "Namjoon really likes smart girls" "He like to have deep and mature conversations, so if you want to win his heart don't forget to do your homework" she would say. You weren't exactly a genius but you weren't dumb either, you just lack the inspiration to study. I mean you are from a rich family, there's no need to study when you can have anything you want,right?
I'm so sorry I'm just now getting around to reading this i have a long list I'm finally working through....this is so good I'm off to read the next update
Tag me in your fanfics please!! @reyestiny93 💕
Ohh tag me pleae!
It's really good!! And I know checking for spelling errors is hard and you did a pretty good job catching most of them. Tag me please! :)
Good start, keep tagging me, I look forward to reading more. Loved her friend being Myungsoo, made me happy. And great editing, I know it can be hard to do.
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