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Queen In Hyun's Man episode 13
Just like our prediction, this episode is really heartbreaking. But i think tomorrow will be more than this (based on the preview). If you realllly eager to know about episode 13 also with the video, just go to this page http://redpinkboxes.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/queen-inhyuns-man-ep-13-recap/ ~~~~ I'm not posting the recap here because i'll wait for joonni's recap (like i said, it was the best one from my point of view). So for now, enjoy the recap from redpinkboxes and became heartbreaking as i am right now T___T
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QIHM fans... did you guys cry when you watched it??? i did. buckets. and then saw supernovah's preview and cried even more. Those who want to join me in my sorrow check out QIHM preview http://www.vingle.net/posts/14347
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oh no will he die???
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