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Eh, why not? I'll give it a shot. Age range- 20-25 Country of origin- USA Language(s) spoken- English , english, and wait...did I mention English? Years since becoming a Marvel fan- hmmm well I saw the x-men cartoon when I was a kid so.....maybe 14 yrs? Least favorite marvel movie- Iron Man 3 Dream job- film critic/screenwriter Vingler- Mobile. When I use my computer, the pictures come out weird. Mobile's just easier. Other hobbies- drawing, writing, watching tv and movies, and reading. And when I say read I mean an actual book that you hold on your hands and turn the page, no online stuff.
Ok here goes.. Age. 29 I'm not weird or shy about it. Origin Story... USA way down South. Language. English Marvel Fan. 20+years. I used to steal my brothers comics to read. plus watching the cartoons and stuff. Least Fave Marvel movie. The Hulk movies. Lou Ferrigno and Mark Ruffalo are the ONLY acceptable Hulks/Banners. Dream Job. Animator/Videogame designer. Or A therapist for trouble teens. Vingle. Mobile. ..No other way to get on the internet. Hobbies. Cooking. Workaholic. Books. Lots and lots of books!
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Age range- 20-25 Country of origin- USA Language(s) spoken- English , bits and pieces of romanian, spanish, french and japanese Years since becoming a Marvel fan- Seriously, probably only since Thor came out. but, i've been an xmen fan sice i was like... 4 Least favorite marvel movie- Incredible hulk any incarnation aside mark ruffalo Dream job- author, singer, very well paid graphic designer Vingler- Mobile. All my pictures are already there. Mobile's just easier. Other hobbies: writing, drawing, singing, swimming, sleeping, day dreaming, eating and cooking.
Love it ^_^ I just picked up a book about the SOE so I'm excited to start that tonight :D I mostly use my tablet now since it's lighter (and I have bad joints at the ripe old age of 20-something) but every once in a while I want the real thing
@Krystalstar22 @LadyLuna haha poor Hulk