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I need someone to give me ONE GOOD REASON why moms need to look terrible at weddings. Just because your daughter or son is getting married, is no reason to look A HOT MESS!
Have you seen the latest Fall 2016/Winter 2017 Marchesa show?! These are some of the most sumptuous, romantic, intricate, gorgeous gowns you have ever seen! Why couldn't moms wear something like these gowns?!
Love love love the comments! truly. thank you for sharing your thoughts @myaffairwith @turtleyturtles @peahyr
Oh that light purple one is major no no and most of the ones towards the bottom. However the two dresses with the red rose flower pattern are gorgeous. Trim the jewelry down because I don't want to look like a Christmas tree and it's perfect.
I feel like there is way too much going on in these dresses. If they were simplified and the colors were not as barf like they would be beautiful.
no, they are giving that runway look
Ya know, I'd also like to add... while these models are all gorgeous, they look like they're going to a funeral, rather than a wedding! Maybe I just don't know anything about modeling, but their expressions are just so... blah! I'd like to see some emotions on their faces!
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