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I need someone to give me ONE GOOD REASON why moms need to look terrible at weddings. Just because your daughter or son is getting married, is no reason to look A HOT MESS!
Have you seen the latest Fall 2016/Winter 2017 Marchesa show?! These are some of the most sumptuous, romantic, intricate, gorgeous gowns you have ever seen! Why couldn't moms wear something like these gowns?!
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Love love love the comments! truly. thank you for sharing your thoughts @myaffairwith @turtleyturtles @peahyr
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@marshalledgar I much more like simple designs and colors like red and black
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Ya know, I'd also like to add... while these models are all gorgeous, they look like they're going to a funeral, rather than a wedding! Maybe I just don't know anything about modeling, but their expressions are just so... blah! I'd like to see some emotions on their faces!
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no, they are giving that runway look
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Makes sense... I guess I just don't like the expressionless faces.
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