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Welcome to the club and get comfortable, it's always packed. Here we can offer you bitter resentment, never ending regret, and green envy served chilled. Or we can offer you a reality check. Getting a job is fucking hard nowadays and there isn't anyone above this issue.
We're stuck in that weird limbo of being over educated yet under qualified for just about all jobs right out of college. Let's not even get to the legal form of modern slavery aka unpaid internships, because that's a whole different ball game. The fact of the matter is if you graduated without at least 5 years prior experience, a masters degree magically received in 4 years, or money to burn as you work that internship flow, you are going to end up at a job that has nothing to do with your degree. Accept it and realize that's actually fine.
In fact, it's more then fine! Where were you when you first chose your major? I was a freshmen, hungover as fuck, and just realized that I was pretty good at that mandatory creative writing class. BOOM welcome to the wonderful world of writing majors. I was 18, how the hell was I suppose to know what I wanted to be besides rich? I'm now 23 and still wondering what I want to be for my whole life. I regret nothing. The working years are long, whose to say you're suppose to be at that ONE dream job your whole life? Sounds like a bore to me.
In the past two years of "adult life" I have held 4 jobs and to be honest I adored 2 of them, one of which I'm currently at now! Does it have anything to do with writing ... Fuck no! In fact it's the furthest thing from writing! To be honest, I would have NEVER realized how much I loved sales if I didn't just sit back, accept that a writing career wasn't just going to fall open in my lap and embrace the bitter wonders of the job market!
So Millennials do yourself a favor and cut yourself some slack. Your degree was NOT a waste of time, you will be successful, and you will find your dream job. Just don't get so wrapped up in what you're "suppose to be doing" that you forget how awesome your first few years out of college can be! If you work hard enough, life anyways has a funny way of working out.
@lovelikematoi I was writing for a blog !!! It was awesome !!
omg.... im an english major in my second semester of college. im not sure exactly what kind of writing career i want but it will be in that field. i already hear about the "no experience/too much experience" loop but im trying to stay optimistic. what kind of writing job did you want before you got stuck with the one you have now (if you dont mind me asking)?
@LizArnone that sounds fun! :D ive been trying to start my own blog for a while now
awesome post
I wouldn't say I'm doing the job I dreamed I would do but it's pretty dang close. it's definitely achievable but I got seriously lucky... and not because I didn't work for it either. I realized that I didn't actually have the qualifications most people had in my major and so my sophomore year I started working my butt off... I went to Ireland for one major and the other I started at a small meat pack and then the next summer went to a different state to intern for a very large company... to this day I'm not really sure why they took me on... but it's made the world of difference all because those guys introduced me to as many higher ups as they could... and so came my first job out of college for the same company in another state, a full year of training and now a permanent position in yet another state. Sometimes the sacrifices one needs to make is much greater when you lack the connections. I missed valuable time with my friends and family. I had to become "an adult" much faster and I couldn't be as carefree as the rest of the people my age were being. I worked two jobs at school while completing two majors, at one point I had 3 jobs.... I could never do anything "fun" with friends for long periods of time so in a sense I missed out. Getting your dream job early comes with sacrifices. So I'd say definitely enjoy the time after college if you're still working for you're dream job to come your way.
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