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Ah! It's almost over I don't want it to end! XD
1. Who could that be? 2. Oh! Thank you.... 3. Cheer up guys! Your not leaving. (Tries to smile) 4.(Same as above) 5. (Stares and frowns) 6. (Looks between the members) 7. (Turns to continue packing) 8. (Continues to get everything ready) 9. (Stares out the window, getting one last look before sighing) 10. (Small smile)
11. (Half-smiles) 12 . Taecyeon d-dont cry. Your going to make me start. (Wipes at eyes) 13. (Looks at Jun and smiles sadly) 14. Shh.... I will text you guys all the time okay? 15. Wooyoung? (Follows) 16. (Hesitantly hugs back) I won't forget any of you. Don't worry. 17. (Tries to wipe tears away) I will miss you guys.... 18. (Bows head) 19. (Takes pendant and smiles) Thank you! I will treasure this. 20. (Freezes and slowly turns to look at them)
21.W-With you guys? Isn't that inappropriate? 22. (Looks at Nichkhun and smiles) 23. (Tries to keep up) J-Junho! Slow down! 24. (Smiles broadly and settles into seat.) 25. (Blushes but smiles at all the members) Thank you guys! To be Continued....
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