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You would be so pretty if you worked out. You would be so pretty if you wore your hair down more. You would be so pretty if you stopped wearing those oversized sweaters. You would be so fucking pretty if you showed off those tits more. I would be so pretty if I was exactly what I'm not.
It's my favorite back handed compliment. You would be so pretty if... A slap in my ugly face as you coat me with your artificially sweet words that rot my insides. Like a song overplayed on the radio I can't help but sing along, brainwashed into tricking myself that I have a chance to be pretty if only I could do this one more thing. I pinched and plucked and envisioned scissors cutting away the pieces that you have told me shouldn't be there, spending all my money on paint to plaster the imperfections. You would be so pretty if you could just lose those 20 pounds.
It's taken quite a while, a few years of avoiding mirrors and quite a few whispered murmurs of you are the most beautiful girl in the world for my own thoughts to be heard over yours. And honestly, I only have one thing to say. You would be so beautiful, with my fist through your teeth.
You ARE so beautiful. Never change @lizarnone
@LizArnone For clothing I meant that in a critiquing way. Some people criticize girls just by what they wear which is very sad. But I do get what you're saying.
Love yourself and in turn others will come to love you as well. Even if it takes time for others to see your charm never give up on yourself. A little love can change a life and maybe even save it.
@ShinigamiSan I'm to lazy to read right now. I'm always to lazy for something
Everyone is beautiful in a unique way because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, including yourself. Convincing yourself that you're ugly is the only way to be ugly. Everyone has different beauty standards because everyone is different. "Societal norms" for beauty is like looking through a distorted mirror: it's morphed by your mind, making reality seem far more cruel than it is. There's no such thing as normal, because there is no one thing that makes you normal. Embrace your uniqueness, because you are you, and you are beautiful.
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