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Thank you for tagging me @MandyNoona
Lead Singer. Ravi because I Love his Singing Voice. His singing voice is so Nice, and Smooth.
Background vocals: Yongguk
Main Rapper: Rap Monster!
Lead Vocals: Zico because he has a really good singing voice.
Main Dancer: Kai
2nd Rapper: TOP
This challenge was kinda tricky for me because all my biases are Rappers, and all of them have such amazing singing Voices, so it was hard to pick which ones would be the singers, but it was a lot of fun.
ooooo! Rappers singing. .. I love it. you know TOP and RM have gorgeous singing voices too! THAT is a concert of like to see.
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They do have Gorgeous singing voices, I would actually love to hear them all sing. @MandyNoona
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I would too. I like your line up. @SarangRavi
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plus you had me at Zico. 馃槏
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@MandyNoona thanks.
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